After the establishment of the BIAL Foundation, it assumed the management of the Prémio BIAL de Medicina Clínica, created in 1984, which aims to recognize an intellectual, original work on any freely chosen medical topic on clinical practice, which represents a work with results of high quality and relevance.

Considered one of the most important health awards in Europe, and where some of the most prestigious health figures in Portugal were distinguished, and some at international level, it was a major pecuniary award in Portugal in its early years. It currently has a value of 100,000 euros.



The jury for this Award, which operates with full autonomy, is made up of representatives of the Scientific Councils of Portuguese medical schools, most often of its most notable members. The jury is always presided by a personality of undeniable merit, invited by the BIAL Foundation for this reason.


Over the 18 editions already held, the Prémio BIAL de Medicina Clínica has distinguished 102 high-profile works, having recognised 276 authors.

A total of 672 works were analysed and 1,681 researchers, doctors and scientists from 20 countries were mobilised. As a result of more than 35 years committed to research, 40 works have been published and distributed free of charge to medical and scientific professionals, totaling over 320,000 copies.




researchers, doctors
and scientists







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researchers awarded



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The BIAL Award followed the evolution and trends of research, medicine and society. At the beginning of the history of this award, the winning works were essentially individual works and were concerned with clinical medicine. Over the years, award-winning work has evolved into topics related to emerging conditions of modern civilisation, such as obesity, cancer, depression and geriatric diseases.

More recently, it has distinguished studies in genetics, molecular medicine, functional imaging, replacement therapies and regenerative therapies. 

A new edition of the Prémio BIAL de Medicina Clínica will be held in 2020, with Prof. Manuel Sobrinho Simões taking over the Presidency of the Jury.




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