In 1994, alongside the management of the BIAL Award, the BIAL Foundation launched a Grants programme for Scientific Research oriented towards the neurophysiological and mental study of the human being, in the fields of Psychophysiology and Parapsychology.

The Grants Program, launched every two years, is intended not only to contribute to scientific clarification in each of these fields, but also, as the Foundation’s chairman stated, “to encourage a progressive rapprochement between the two, providing cross‑enrichment and greater global enlightenment”.

The relationship between two fields so distant at the outset, Parapsychology and Psychophysiology, proved to be enlightening and a booster to an open and free dialogue. 

Proof of this is that from the 2010 edition onwards there was a gradual increase in applications that combine the two fields, analysing topics typically addressed by parapsychology, but using psychophysiological and neuroimaging measures.


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Always flying the flags of transparency and rigour, and from a patronage stance, the BIAL Foundation took the research into pathology or therapy would not be supported through the Grants programme.

Over these 25 years, the BIAL Foundation has supported 692 projects, involving around 1,500 researchers from 25 countries, which shows the close relationship that has been developed with the scientific community, first in Portugal and then throughout the world. There is a higher concentration of projects in the United Kingdom (202), Portugal (163) and the United States (111).


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